30 Point Vehicle Inspection

3 Years Free WoF*

3 Years Free Roadside Rescue*

Ebbett Pre‑Owned Promise - Drive with certainty

At Ebbett, we understand that buying a used car can be a big decision. That's why we offer our Ebbett Pre-Owned Promise, a comprehensive package of benefits that gives you peace of mind and certainty when you buy from us.

With over 1,300 vehicles listed in total across our dealerships in the North Island, we’re sure to have the perfect vehicle for you.

With our Ebbett Pre-Owned Promise, you can drive away with the certainty of knowing that you’re getting a quality vehicle that’s been checked and backed by our team of experts.

Browse our stock today and find your next used car at Ebbett.

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

Buy with certainty

Used vehicles purchased from dealerships** offering the Ebbett Pre-Owned Promise includes the following:

30-Point Vehicle

View what is covered in our 30-point inspection.

3 Years Free WoF*

*Terms and conditions apply

3 Years Free
Roadside Rescue*

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Ebbett Pre‑Owned Promise 30‑point inspection includes:

  • Operation of audio unit and connectivity systems.
  • Operation of all windows and switches (including sunroof).
  • Operation of all door locks and central locking.
  • Operation of both front seats, mechanical movement at all electric options.
  • Operation of sun visors both sides.
  • Operation of interior lamps.
  • Operation of parking brake.
  • Spare wheel and tools are present.
  • Wiper condition and windscreen washers’ operation (front and rear).
  • Windscreen condition.
  • Operation of headlights and aim and condition.
  • Operation and condition of all exterior lamps.
  • Check operation of cruise control, adaptive cruise and lane assist performance.
  • Check operation of air conditioning.
  • Check operation of heater.
  • Carry out battery test.
  • Carry out electrical system fault code test.
  • Check operation of horn.
  • Check Warrant of Fitness.
  • Check Service is current.
  • Check cambelt requirement and/or history of replacement.
  • Check condition of air filter and pollen filter.
  • Check condition of brake fluid.
  • Check condition of radiator coolant and cooling system performance.
  • Check condition of suspension, bushes, and joints.
  • Check for under vehicle oil leaks.
  • Check and report on condition of rear brakes and discs/rotors..
  • Check and report on condition rear brake and discs/rotors.
  • Check and report on condition of tyres all round.
  • Check for wandering and/or requirement for wheel alignment.

First Rescue Entitlements

Nationwide 24/7

First Rescue is a Nationwide service avaiable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unlimited callouts

Registered member is entitled to unlimited callouts in any one year of registration.

Taxi provision

Provision of a taxi (50kms radius or $80 inclusive of GST) where the vehicle is non operational.

Tow radius

Coverage up to 50km from breakdown location. Additional kms are charged back to customer. Approval is requested prior to tow.

Tow to safety

If the technician is unable to mobilise the vehicle roadside, then the vehicle will be towed to the nearest place of safety.

Towed vehicles

If you were towing a boat, trailer or caravan when you broke down these vehicles will also be towed/transported to the Roadside Rescue approved repairer or place of safety.

Flat battery / jump start

If the vehicle cannot be jump started due to the battery requiring replacement, the vehicle will be referred or transported t o the nearest approved repairer.

Lockout assistance (keys locked in vehicle)

Roadside Rescue will dispatch a provider to unlock the vehicle or if more convenient, arrange for th e spare set of keys to be

delivered to the driver. A limit of $200.00 (inc. GST) applies to this benefit. All additional costs are owners’ responsibility.

Out of fuel

Roadside Rescue will arrange, free of charge, the delivery of 5 litres of petrol or diesel to enable the vehicle to travel to the nearest filling station. This benefit has a maximum use of 3 times per 12 month membership.

Out of charge (EV)

Roadside Rescue will send out a transportation provider to transport the vehicle to the closest charging station, the customers home or business address, if a EV mobile charging truck is not available.

Flat Tyre

Roadside Rescue will dispatch a provider to remove the flat tyre and fit the vehicle spare wheel. If the spare wheel is flat or has no spare (vehicle has collapsible tyres or a Tyre Mobility System) Roadside Rescue will pay for a provider to assist the caller refill the tyre or to transport the vehicle to the nearest approved repairer or place of safety.

Mechanical breakdown

Roadside Rescue will dispatch a provider to tow/transport the vehicle to the nearest Roadside Rescue approved repairer or place of safety. If the owner/driver elects to have the vehicle towed/transported to a place of his/her own nomination and this distance is greater than would have been to our preferred repairer or place of safety, the additional charge for the excess kilometres will be at the cost of the owner/driver of the transported vehicle. If a second tow is requested following storage at the approved repairer or place of safety, this cost will be the owner/driver responsibility.

Windscreen & glass

First Rescue will refer the owner/driver to the nearest approved repairer or automotive glass specialist.

Friends & family contact service

In the event of a breakdown or accident, First Rescue can connect their call to family members, friends, or business associates to notify them of any possible delays.

Terms & Conditions

** The Ebbett Pre-Owned Promise is offered on all used vehicles at all participating Ebbett dealerships, excluding Ebbett Toyota Hamilton, Ebbett Toyota Morrinsville, Ebbett Toyota Te Awamutu, Lexus of Hamilton and Lexus of Tauranga.

** When purchasing a used Land Rover or used Jaguar from Duncan & Ebbett or Ebbett Prestige Tauranga, vehicles will be excluded from this programme due to manufacturers service plan or an approved used warranty. For more information about this, please contact Duncan & Ebbett or Ebbett Prestige Tauranga.

** When purchasing a used Audi from Ebbett Audi, your used vehicle will come with The Audi Approved :plus Warranty. For more information about this, please contact Ebbett Audi.

** The Ebbett Pre-Owned Promise is not available on vehicles listed as an “As Traded by Ebbett” vehicle.

*3 years of free WoF inspections and Ebbett Roadside Rescue is only applicable and claimable if the vehicle is serviced with any of our Ebbett Dealerships and has not skipped or missed a service.

The Free WoF Inspection covers the cost of the inspection only. Should the vehicle fail the WoF for any reason, the repair costs of the vehicle will be covered by the vehicle owner.

Your vehicle needs to be serviced in line with manufacturers' requirements  (e.g. every 10,000km or 12 months /  15,000km or 12 months, whichever comes first.)

Ebbett Roadside Rescue is run and operated by First Rescue https://firstrescue.co.nz/

The Roadside Rescue programme and services outlined in this Service Agreement do not apply to the following:

  1. Vehicles used in motor racing, car rallies, speed or duration testing or any practice thereof.
  2. Claims arising from the loss or damage to the contents of the vehicle.
  3. Claims arising from damage caused through the forced entry of a vehicle in any attempt to unlock and recover keys locked in the vehicle, whereby the owner/driver has been fully briefed on the risk and situation by the First Rescue provider in attendance, and the owner/driver has subsequently agreed to sign the indemnity form offered by the provider prior to commencing forced entry/unlock of the vehicle.
  4. Claims arising from a recurring electrical or mechanical failure resulting from improper care or vehicle maintenance, or vehicle servicing where a known fault and repair has been neglected.
  5. Situations where the vehicle is disabled by floods, snow affected roads, or is not accessible due to other adverse road or weather related conditions.
  6. Vehicles being bogged/trapped in off road conditions, and not accessible by normal two wheel drive recovery vehicles.
  7. Vehicles located off designated public roads (other than private residence), and not accessible by normal two wheel drive recovery vehicles.
  8. Any vehicle exceeding 3.5 tonnes.
  9. Vehicle has been left unattended.
  10. Vehicles not displaying a current motor vehicle registration certificate and warrant of fitness.
  11. Costs relating to parts, labour or any associated costs for the repair of the vehicle outside of the benefits listed shall be at the owner/driver’s expense.