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Relax Today by Guaranteeing Tomorrow

We're delighted to introduce Ebbett Future Value Guarantee, offering you an opportunity to embark on your journey in a brand new MG or GWM/Haval vehicle from Ebbett Taupō today, whilst mindfully anticipating the future.

Here's the essence of how it operates: Ebbett Future Value Guarantee presents you with the freedom to initiate your finance term with a guaranteed future value for your vehicle. And why is this significant? As you approach the end of your agreement, you'll be presented with three clear choices to consider. Replace | Retain | Return.

Embrace the New Zealand roads today with confidence, knowing that your future holds choices, thanks to the Ebbett Future Value Guarantee.

*T's & C's and fees apply.

You've got three straightforward options to consider:


Swap out your current vehicle for a brand new one, using the equity from your existing vehicle as a trade-in.


Keep things simple by owning your current vehicle outright at the end of the finance term. Just settle the balance or arrange for a new finance deal – no fuss.


Ready for a change? No problem! Return your vehicle at the end of the finance term with no extra costs, as long as you've met all prior conditions.

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