BYD Sealion 6: The Practical Plug-In Super Hybrid Family SUV Arrives

May 2024
  • Sporty and sophisticated SEALION 6 SUV to arrive in New Zealand in time for National Fieldays
  • First plug-in super hybrid model offered by BYD in New Zealand to include BYD’s DM-i (Dual Mode Intelligence) technology
  • DM-i hybrid powertrain, combines a 1.5-litre petrol engine and electric motor allowing combined range of up to a staggering 1100 km
  • Equipped with the ultra-safe BYD Blade Battery at 18.3kWh battery capacity
  • The BYD SEALION 6 Dynamic Plug-in Super Hybrid Front Wheel Drive variant delivers output of up to 160kW, 300Nm max torque and 0-100km/hr in 8.5 seconds
  • The BYD SEALION 6 Premium Plug-in Super Hybrid All Wheel Drive variant delivers up to 238kW power, 550Nm torque and 0-100 in 5.9 seconds
  • Exceptional efficiency and value for money offering a lowest combined fuel consumption of 1.1L/100km (Dynamic) and 1.4L/100km (Premium) when battery is at full charge
  • Vehicle to load technology included as standard offering convenience and assistance during emergencies
  • Priced from $57,990 + orc for the Dynamic FWD variant and $64,990 + orc for the Premium AWD variant

The latest addition to the BYD Ocean Series is about to make a splash in New Zealand. The practical and super stylish family-sized plug-in hybrid BYD SEALION 6 SUV will arrive in time for viewing at the National Fieldays event in June.

Known as a “Super Hybrid” the BYD SEALION 6 is built on BYD’s pioneering DM-i (Dual Mode Intelligence) platform setting a whole new benchmark for plug-in hybrid vehicles achieving lower fuel consumption, energy saving, and higher energy efficiency.

“We’re proud to be growing the BYD brand in New Zealand with the addition of the first plug-in super hybrid. This new platform offers New Zealanders the best of both worlds, with the ability to drive on full electric for those daily commutes and the opportunity to supplement electric with the 1.5L engine for those longer-range trips.” Says Warren Willmot, BYD Auto NZ’s Manager. “I drove the BYD SEALION 6 to Wellington from Auckland and was genuinely blown away by how quiet and comfortable it was. Like driving on a cloud.”

The BYD SEALION 6 is available in two model variants, distinguished by their powertrain, high efficiency engine and performance. The Dynamic front wheel drive variant features a Xiaoyun plug-in hybrid 1.5 litre high-efficiency engine with an all-electric range of 92kms and an estimated combined driving range of 1100km. The Premium all-wheel drive model features the Xiaoyun plug-in hybrid turbo-charged 1.5Ti high-efficiency engine with an all-electric range of 81kms and an estimated combined driving range of up to 970km.

The BYD Super Hybrid DM-i Technology differs from other PHEV technologies. At the heart of the

Super Hybrid DM-i Technology is an electric-based hybrid system. This hybrid architecture uses a high-power motor drive and large-capacity battery as its primary power source, only using the engine for assistance. This innovative system focuses on efficiency, effortlessly adapting to different driving scenarios.

The three core components of the Super Hybrid DM-i Technology are the Electric Hybrid System, which is a highly integrated powertrain that incorporates high-speed dual motors, dual controllers, and advanced oil-cooling technology to increase motor power density and efficiency. The Xiaoyun 1.5L/1.5T Hybrid Engine with world-leading thermal efficiency, has a simplified compact structure, boosting power with high peak power and torque. And the large capacity Blade Battery, tailor-made for the hybrid platform.

Economical: Energy Efficient, Low Fuel Consumption

BYD’s Super Hybrid DM-i Technology has been developed to offer remarkable levels of energy efficiency, and lower fuel consumption, providing a practical low-carbon option for eco-conscious consumers. The specialist Xiaoyun 1.5L/1.5T hybrid engine produces an industry-leading thermal efficiency and an impressive fuel consumption as low as 1.1L per 100km, when battery is at full charge. The Xiaoyun electric motor ensures economical performance, producing pure-electric driving range up to 92km, while the combined technology offers a reassuring long range of more than 1000km, powering a smooth driving experience on all terrains.

Fast: Exhilarating, Responsive and Dynamic

BYD Super Hybrid DM-i Technology combines power and efficiency for every journey. With a system total power of up to 238kW, expect a dynamic driving experience with high-power performance: fast acceleration and agile responsiveness. Acceleration from 0-100 km/hr is recorded at 8.5 seconds for the Dynamic FWD variant and 5.9 seconds for the Premium model.

Quiet: Bringing Serenity to your Journey

The electric-centric architecture integral to BYD Super Hybrid DM-i Technology makes journeys quiet and serene, producing a haven of tranquillity. Noise levels are minimised as the vehicle quietly glides along, whether in the city or on the highway, epitomising the perfect blend of power, efficiency and NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) excellence.

Smooth: Exceptional Ride Comfort

BYD Super Hybrid DM-i Technology delivers an exceptionally smooth ride, rather like a pure EV driving experience. The Electric Hybrid System embodies simplicity with seamless gear shifts for effortless driving and comfortable journeys.

The BYD Super Hybrid DM-i Technology uses a tailor-made version of the highly acclaimed, industry leading BYD Blade Battery. These bespoke Blade Batteries for the hybrid platform have power capacities ranging from 18.3kWh, achieving a pure-electric range up to 92km. It offers multiple benefits like enhanced safety, by safely passing the stringent Nail Penetration Test without emitting fire or smoke. Optimised strength, each cell serves as a structural beam to help withstand force. Space utilisation is increased by 50% with the Blade Battery. This produces enhanced energy density for a longer range and a longer lifecycle, of over 5000 charge and discharge cycles.

Stylish Ocean Aesthetics & practicality

The BYD SEALION 6 combines stylish aesthetics and high-tech intelligent equipment, with high levels of safety, comfort, and practicality.

While the power train technology is uniquely impressive, the BYD SEALION 6 is also designed with attention to detail at every touchpoint. The X-shaped front end and balanced proportions give the vehicle a strong sense of style and reliable presence. The modern interior design combining practicality with elegance features soft-touch surfaces and premium upholstery. The ‘Ocean heart’ centre console, elegant high-tech cockpit, with a 15.6” rotatable full LCD touchscreen for connected experiences, complemented by comfortable, ergonomically designed seating are among the many eye-catching features of the BYD SEALION 6.

In addition to a feeling of aesthetic appeal, the BYD SEALION 6 focuses on practicality, such as spacious storage compartments with high utilization rate and the possibility of wirelessly charging two mobile phones simultaneously. The BYD SEALION 6 is trimmed more for comfort and utility with generous cargo capacity, offering a refined ride for the whole family.

Comfort, practicality, safety and wellbeing are key features of the BYD SEALION 6. BYD positions the SEALION 6 as a richly equipped spacious family car with a strong and sturdy appearance. The generous exterior dimensions (measuring 4,775 mm in length, 1,890 mm in width 1,670 mm in height and a wheelbase of 2,765 mm) are optimised for space and comfort. The seats can be split 60:40 allowing the 425-litre boot to be increased to 1,440 litres when both seats are folded flat underlining the SEALION 6’s practicality. This offers a spacious family sized SUV, with the added assurance of the plug-in-hybrid engine, so New Zealander’s can enjoy the best of both worlds while on their daily commute or on their longer weekend drives.

Priced from $57,990+ orc for the Dynamic FWD variant and $64,990+ orc for the Premium AWD variant, the BYD SEALION 6 range comes in five vibrant colours: Azure Blue, Harbour Grey, Stone Grey, Delan Black and Arctic White, and two-colour theme for the interior: Black + Brown, and Blue + Grey (optional for the Premium model).

BYD SEALION 6 will be available to view and test drive at your local BYD dealer from the first week of June 2024.

All BYD models are also comprehensively covered by a 6-year / 150,000km new vehicle warranty with 8-year roadside assistance package and the Blade Battery is covered by an 8 year / 160,000km (whichever comes first) warranty.

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