Camille Buscombs 5 favourite things about the Audi Q3

July 2020

Recently, we caught up with our Brand Ambassador, Camille Buscomb and asked her what her 5 favourite things were about the Audi Q3. In the video below, we join Camille while she loads up the Q3 and heads off to one of her favourite running spots in the Waikato – the trails around Lake Karapiro.

Check it out to see her favourite features of the amazing Audi Q3.

Camille’s favourite things about the Audi Q3 cover a range of different elements, from the style of the vehicle to the innovative technology. She loves the smooth lines and elegance of the vehicle. Don’t you think they make the perfect pair?

It’s not just the outside of the Q3 that impresses Camille though. For her, it’s all about performance and how it can improve her everyday life. The luggage space of the Q3 proves to be an asset to her everyday routine. Look how much equipment she can fit in the boot.

Camille understands performance better than most, every day she pushes herself to her limits and that’s exactly what the Audi brand is all about.

View the link below and learn more about the Audi Q3.

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