CUPRA’s high-performance range confirmed for New Zealand in 2021

December 2020
  • Extensive high-performance portfolio: CUPRA Formentor, CUPRA Leon, CUPRA Leon Sportstourer and CUPRA Ateca.
  • The CUPRA Formentor is the first model exclusively developed by the brand, striking the perfect balance between design and performance in a Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV).
  • The CUPRA Leon, offered in both 5-door and Sportstourer version, is the sporty hatchback of the range.
  • The CUPRA Ateca is the high-performance SUV of the range, a unique proposition in the segment.

Powerful CUPRA range coming together

CUPRA arrived in New Zealand last year, with the sensational 300hp CUPRA Ateca SUV. It proved to be as popular in this country, as it has been around the globe.

Since then, CUPRA has developed a complete range of high-performance vehicles, based on contemporary design and sporty performance. CUPRA Ateca, the high-performance SUV; CUPRA Leon – available in both 5-door and Sportstourer variants; and CUPRA Formentor, the first model exclusively developed by the brand, a CUV with benefits of a performance car and with the qualities of an SUV.

CUPRA hits the sweet spot with discerning consumers, who demand high build quality, lightning performance, quality finishing and world-class European engineering and design in one, sensibly priced, package.

James Yates, CUPRA New Zealand’s General Manager, says

“CUPRA’s success has driven it to expand its product range and this is truly exciting. If these three new models replicate the CUPRA Ateca’s success, we’ll be seeing a lot of car buyers in New Zealand re-thinking their badge allegiances.”

The timeline.

The CUPRA Ateca 2021 will arrive in January, whilst the all-new CUPRA Formentor, the CUPRA Leon 5-door hatch and the CUPRA Leon Sportstourer performance wagon are scheduled for arrival in June.

CUPRA Formentor

The Formentor is both exceptional and unique amongst the Volkswagen Group. Usually, a new body shape is developed to be released across the group’s various marques.  However, the Formentor was designed exclusively for CUPRA.

The Formentor will be available in New Zealand with 228kW, and 140kW 4Drive versions with a 150kW eHYBRID (PHEV) expected later in 2021.

Pricing for the Formentor starts at $54,900 + on road costs (140kW) and goes to $68,900 + on road costs for the high-performance 228kW version.  No pricing is currently available for the eHYBRID variant.

The Formentor CUV is based on the MQB Evo platform and carries a bold and modern design language that is sure to turn heads. The Formentor’s body tone resembles that of a rugged all-terrain vehicle, but the car’s exterior design features bring a lighter contrast to the vehicle’s silhouette.

Inside the car, the Formentor greets its occupants with a panoramic 12” floating infotainment screen that completes the car’s digitally-driven design concept whether you are the driver or passenger.

The Formentor has recently entered production for European markets, and it is made at the brand’s facilities in Martorell, on the outskirts of Barcelona.


The CUPRA Leon hatch and CUPRA Leon Sportstourer expand the brand’s appeal even further, allowing customers to choose the vehicle that best fits their lifestyle; without needing to compromise on performance, comfort or practicality. Already an icon, the latest iteration of the high-performance compact car strengthens the brand, offering an outstanding driving experience.

New Zealand’s growing affection for SUV’s, means there is a distinct shortage of exciting station-wagon models available – well, those priced well under $100,000 anyway.

The Leon Sportstourer is arguably the ultimate Kiwi lifestyle vehicle. Its 228kW 4Drive setup will catapult the car safely from standstill to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. Thanks to its reduced height, it will offer a more dynamic driving experience than an SUV.

The Leon shares the MQB Evo platform, allowing it to deliver the very best driving dynamics offered by Volkswagen Group. The Leon comes with Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) with four different pre-sets (Comfort, Normal, Sport and CUPRA) and the Sportstourer’s 620L cargo space is considerably larger than its SUV and CUV siblings (485L in the Ateca and 420L in the Formentor).

CUPRA Ateca 2021

The CUPRA Ateca was the flagbearer for the CUPRA high-performance brand.  It offered a unique proposition in the market, bringing the highest performance of any SUV outside of the premium manufacturers. Its mix of precision, sportiness, practicality and alluring design made for an incomparable package, and a great success.

In 2021 the new CUPRA Ateca will continue to disrupt the market, by defining what a high-performance compact SUV should deliver. Building on the groundwork already in place from its initial launch, CUPRA has increased its allure and desire adding new technologies and features.

Its evolutionary exterior design has been updated, giving the CUPRA Ateca a more purposeful and confident look. Inside, the cabin benefits from increased levels of comfort, practicality and an enhanced design quality.

The new CUPRA Ateca 2021 maintains its performance levels with the powerful 2.0-litre TSI engine connected to a quick-shifting seven-speed DSG transmission. The turbocharged four-cylinder unit produces 221kW (300PS) of power and 400Nm of torque, enough to reach 100km/h in just 4.9s from a standing start.

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