Ebbett Prestige & Jaguar partner with the Mt Maunganui Tennis Club

October 2022

From a global perspective, tennis plays a critical role for Jaguar, particularly with the sponsorship of Wimbledon.

Jaguar New Zealand has long since expressed an interest in making a more significant and meaningful contribution to the sport locally, over and above its sponsorship of the ASB Classic. Jaguar New Zealand, and its retailers from around the country, are therefore striving to support the current and future development of tennis talent in New Zealand through a partnership with The Lavie Tennis Academy.

The Lavie Tennis Academy was established to provide a coaching and training environment within New Zealand that operates at a world-class standard.

With a highly experienced, qualified and committed team of coaches and support staff, the Academy has created a supportive environment that provides first-class opportunities for its players to succeed on the world stage. Their holistic approach covers all aspects of performance training, recovery and competitive match play.

To support this initiative, Ebbett Prestige Tauranga is proud to be partnering with the Mt Maunganui Tennis Club for an upcoming tournament on Friday 4th November. We will have a Jaguar F-PACE on display at the event and we are excited that we will be provided with a photo opportunity with the tournament winner.

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