CUPRA Formentor Plug-in Hybrid

December 2023

Embark on a revolutionary journey with the CUPRA Formentor Plug-in Hybrid, a testament to power and sustainability straight from the heart of New Zealand.

This cutting-edge crossover, seamlessly marries innovation and environmental consciousness that maximises the Formentor's robust plug-in hybrid system, providing an impressive all-electric range of over 50 kilometers. Paired with a high-performance petrol engine, it delivers a combined power output that surges far beyond 200 horsepower, ensuring an electrifying driving experience on both city streets and open highways.

Designed for the modern adventurer, this eco-conscious marvel effortlessly adapts to your lifestyle. Whether navigating the bustling urban jungle or cruising through the untouched beauty of New Zealand's landscapes, the CUPRA Formentor Plug-in Hybrid promises an exhilarating ride, blending style, power, and a boundless commitment to sustainability.

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