IT Partners moves to an entire Volkswagen fleet

February 2022

Last week we had the pleasure of delivering one more vehicle to IT Partners which completed their Volkswagen fleet.

While we were there, we asked IT Partners Director, Andrew Johnson, “What made you choose to transition to VW for your entire fleet range?”

“Ebbett Volkswagen are so easy to deal with and they’re there when you need them. When we have extra staff starting, it [a new car] just happens. When we make changes, it all just gets taken care of. I sign a few bits of paper and we just get new cars all the time, it really makes life easy.”

“On top of that, the vehicles are better/safer for our team, and the VW brand fits in well with our brand values.”

“If I had to describe Ebbett Volkswagen in three words, it would be reliable, onto it, and organised.”

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