Mount Maunganui College First XV Sponsorship

May 2023

Land Rover New Zealand, a brand synonymous with adventure and performance, has a long-standing association with rugby worldwide. With its rugged and capable vehicles, Land Rover embodies the values of strength, precision, and teamwork, which are shared by rugby players and fans alike. As a testament to this partnership, Land Rover NZ and Ebbett Prestige Tauranga have now extended their support to the beloved sport at a local level, aligning itself with the Mount Maunganui College First XV team.

With Land Rover's passionate commitment to the sport and Ebbett Prestige's local support, this partnership is set to make a significant impact on the rugby scene.

Mount Maunganui College's First XV team, known for its outstanding talent and commitment to excellence, caught the attention of Ebbett Prestige. Ebbett Prestige has a deep-rooted connection with its local community and recognises the importance of investing in the growth and development of young athletes. By partnering with Mount Maunganui College's First XV team, Ebbett Prestige aims to provide valuable resources and opportunities for these talented individuals to reach their full potential.

But why is this partnership so crucial? Let's explore a few reasons:

Fostering Sporting Excellence: The collaboration between Land Rover New Zealand and Ebbett Prestige highlights their shared dedication to nurturing sporting talent in New Zealand. By providing support to the Mount Maunganui College First XV team, both companies are actively investing in the development of young athletes, fostering a culture of excellence and providing a pathway for future success.

Promoting Teamwork and Values: Rugby is more than just a game; it instills vital life lessons such as teamwork, respect, and perseverance. Land Rover and Ebbett Prestige's sponsorship reinforces these values by connecting with the Mount Maunganui College First XV team. As young players embrace these qualities, they not only become better athletes but also grow into well-rounded individuals ready to face challenges on and off the field.

Strengthening Community Bonds: Rugby is an integral part of New Zealand's cultural fabric, bringing communities together and uniting people from all walks of life. Through their sponsorship, Land Rover and Ebbett Prestige are actively participating in the local community, fostering a sense of pride and camaraderie among rugby enthusiasts, students, families, and fans alike.

Inspiring the Next Generation: The partnership between Land Rover and Ebbett Prestige serves as an inspiration to aspiring rugby players across New Zealand. By witnessing the support and dedication of these esteemed brands, young athletes are motivated to push their boundaries and strive for greatness, knowing that they have the backing of industry leaders who believe in their potential.

So, gear up, rugby enthusiasts! Keep an eye out for the Land Rover and Ebbett Prestige emblems, as they embark on an incredible journey with the Mount Maunganui College First XV team. Together, let's celebrate the spirit of rugby and the power of partnerships that shape our communities and inspire future generations.

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