New Peugeot 308: 8 technological gems that make everyday life easier

September 2022

The new PEUGEOT 308's high-tech equipment is not limited to its latest generation of driving aids or its new PEUGEOT i-Cockpit. Eight little technological gems, exclusive to the new PEUGEOT 308 or taken from the higher ranges, will make its users’ everyday life easier...

Since its launch, the new PEUGEOT 308 has been praised for the quality and modernity of its technological content. Whether it be its particularly efficient rechargeable hybrid, petrol or diesel engines or its latest generation driving aids, the new PEUGEOT i-Cockpit or its new i-Connect Advanced infotainment system. But PEUGEOT's engineers have also paid particular attention to the details that make a difference in making everyday life easier. Take a closer look at these 8 technological gems that come with the new PEUGEOT 308...

1 - HD reversing camera with cleaning nozzle: for a 10/10 vision

We all know the reversing camera has become a classic driving aid, but the new PEUGEOT 308 guarantees a perfect rear view with a high-definition image and a lens cleaning nozzle. To eliminate the inevitable dirt that rear view cameras suffer from, Peugeot has installed a nozzle on the rear bumper of the new 308 that is supplied with windscreen washer fluid. The use of the rear window washer automatically triggers the rear-view camera lens to be cleaned.

2 - Long-range blind spot monitoring: safer from further away

Thanks to long-range ultrasonic radars, the blind spot monitoring system on the new PEUGEOT 308 can detect the approach of a vehicle up to 75 metres away, compared with 25 metres for a conventional system. This allows, for example, the driver to be warned earlier - with a flashing signal in the outside mirror - of the arrival of a car or motorbike at high speed in the rear blind spot. Thanks to its extended range, the system provides surveillance which, if necessary, covers both lanes on the right and left of the new PEUGEOT 308.

3 - Rear traffic alert: eyes in the back of the head

When the driver reverses out of a parking space, for example, this system warns of other vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians approaching from the rear, thanks to radars installed in the bumper. The system detects any moving obstacle at a distance of up to 40 m at a speed of up to 10 km/h. An alert is displayed on the touchscreen and an audible signal is emitted.

4 - PEUGEOT Matrix LED headlamps: you can now drive with "full headlights" all the time

Who hasn't dreamed of being able to drive at night with the headlights on all the time, even when close to other road users? Well now you can thanks to the PEUGEOT Matrix LED technology which comes as standard on the PEUGEOT 308 GT/GT Pack. These high beams are made up of 20 LEDs whose lighting and power are permanently modified according to the external conditions detected by the camera located at the top of the windscreen. As a vehicle approaches (either passing or following), the high beam segments dim and fade around the detected vehicle to create a shadow tunnel, so that the driver is not dazzled, while the surrounding area remains brightly lit. For more information, see the PEUGEOT press release of 24 August 2021.

5 - Configurable i-Toggles: a tailor-made dashboard

The user of the new PEUGEOT 308 can customise some of the controls on the dashboard. From the Allure level onwards, five "i-Toggles" located under the central screen can be freely assigned to the functions most used by the driver or passenger, such as shortcuts to specific air conditioning settings, a radio station, favourite telephone contacts, navigation to home, etc.

6 - Air Quality System: breathe, let the 308 take care of the rest

To improve passenger protection, the new PEUGEOT 308 is equipped with the AQS (Air Quality System) which constantly monitors the quality of the air entering the passenger compartment and automatically activates the recycling function if pollution is detected. The AQS is complemented from the GT level onwards by the Clean Cabin, an air treatment system with filtration of polluting gases and particles. In addition, the air quality is displayed on the central touch screen.

7 - OK Peugeot voice assistant: to speak into the car's ear

The easiest way to activate some of your car's features is to talk to it! Like some models in the higher ranges, the new PEUGEOT 308 is equipped as standard with a voice assistant which uses natural language requests to give you access to all the functions related to infotainment (calls, radio, music, navigation, etc.) and air conditioning (temperature setting, etc.). And in order to be able to answer any questions, "OK Peugeot" includes the on-board documentation as well as tutorials.

8 - My Peugeot application: motorist and mentalist?

Like all PEUGEOT customers, users of the new PEUGEOT 308 are able to use the MyPeugeot® smartphone application. This application allows users to remotely start or schedule the heating or air conditioning so that the compartment temperature is perfect when they set off. Beyond the comfort provided, this feature also optimises the range of a plug-in hybrid version (if it is plugged in): the heating or air conditioning then consumes less energy during the first few minutes of driving. Also on plug-in hybrids, the MyPeugeot® app also allows you to check, launch and schedule the battery charge remotely.

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