PEUGEOT e208 has arrived!

October 2021

The all NEW e208 has arrived at Duncan & Ebbett and we are booking test drives now!

The new PEUGEOT e-208 electric vehicle is a small car for those ahead of their time. It offers a lively and stimulating drive thanks to its 100% electric engine and clearly offers access to a new mobility.

Zero emissions, e-208 is eligible for the full $8,625 clean car rebate, taking the net price to $51,365 + ORC.

Electric driving delivers new sensations. In the quiet and comfortable interior, make the most of the power of the 136 hp (100 kW) motor and 260 Nm of torque that's available from 0 km/h.

With a warranty of eight years or 160,000 km, the 50 kWh battery in the PEUGEOT e-208 has been incorporated without compromising on interior space. The design of the e-CMP electrified modular platform preserves space on board and boot volume.

The new PEUGEOT e-208 charges using a classic domestic plug for a complete charge, using the standard cable provided.

Charge your PEUGEOT e-208 more quickly and safely with Wallbox, available as an accessory. Wallbox can also be installed in your home.

You can obtain 80% of the vehicle charge in 30 minutes* from a 100kW charging station. A wide network of more than 500 public charging stations* and rapidly growing is available throughout New Zealand. For more information about public charging points found across NZ, visit

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