She Sets The Pace

May 2022

Jaguar New Zealand have announced a new $10,000 PLUS a Jaguar I-PACE for 3 months community grant to celebrate women who break conventions and drive change in their chosen fields.

Jaguar has always lived the ethos that conventions are meant to be broken and change-makers deserve to be rewarded. Proud of the fact that Jaguar was the first to celebrate women's right to drive in Saudi Arabia with female race driver Reema Juffali and having pioneered a sponsorship for New Zealand's first female race driver and mechanic Sybil Lupp, Jaguar continues to lead by example through its celebration of Tiffany Chittenden, a trailblazing kart driver.

Continued leadership is not a position where you reminisce past glories; Jaguar continues to lead, innovate and enable high achievement in the society both on and off the racetrack; and now could be your turn!

She Sets The Pace Community Grant

Jaguar is looking for convention-breakers by offering a chance to win $10,000 to pursue their passions and continue to challenge stereotypes in their industry, as well as a Jaguar I-PACE for 3 months.

The perfect candidate

  • Someone who isn't afraid to fly in the face of common assumptions - either in your industry, your career or your personal life.
  • Someone who has overcome barriers or obstacles to achieve success - whether that's overcoming resistance from others, creating something new, or achieving something that hasn't been done before.
  • Someone who is making an undeniable impact - either within an industry, for our country, or in our collective culture.

A judging panel of race car driver Tiffany Chittenden, Natasha Mannering, CFO of Jaguar Land Rover New Zealand and Viva editor Amanda Linnell will select a winner every quarter, with $10,000 offered to help you achieve the unexpected and forge your own path.

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