Ultra-Fast Electric Vehicle charger in Te Rapa

November 2021

Brought to you by the Ebbett Group

Ebbett Group has installed an Ultra-Fast Electric Vehicle charger in Te Rapa and its available to the public.

This new publicly accessible, ultra-fast 175kw DC charger is one of the fastest chargers in New Zealand – it delivers a whopping 320kms range to an Audi e-tron in just 30 minutes or can charge your EV to 80% in the same time.

It has two charging sockets, CCS & CHAdeMO. Charge is activated through the Openloop app – these instructions are on the charger and are easy to use.

The charger is located outside our Ebbett Volkswagen and Ebbett Hamilton building on Te Kowhai Road (near The Base shopping centre), it’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Here’s a quick guide to show you how simple it can be to use.

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