Audi Q6 e-tron

Experience Vorsprung durch Technik

Audi Q6 e-tron at a glance

  • Up to 625 km range
  • Up to 255 km range recharged in 10 min
  • 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds

Transformative Mobility

Audi introduces the Q6 e-tron, the inaugural model on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), signaling Audi's transition to premium electric mobility. This SUV embodies Audi's iconic Vorsprung durch Technik ethos, delivering impressive performance, efficiency, and range. With its refined e-tron design language and pioneering technologies, the Q6 e-tron represents a leap forward in electric mobility.

Cutting-Edge Performance

Equipped with powerful electric motors and a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery, the Audi Q6 e-tron achieves an exceptional range of up to 625 km (388 mi) and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in as little as 4.3 seconds. The Q6 e-tron sets new standards in performance, range, and charging, ensuring dynamic driving dynamics while remaining environmentally conscious.

Innovative Design

The Q6 e-tron boasts a distinctive Audi SUV styling, featuring a sleek exterior with dynamic contours and a spacious, tech-forward interior. With its perfect proportions and advanced lighting technology, the Q6 e-tron combines sporty elegance with futuristic design elements.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Powered by the new E3 1.2 electronic architecture, the Q6 e-tron offers a fully connected driving experience. From the Audi MMI panoramic display to the Augmented Reality Head-Up Display, the Q6 e-tron integrates cutting-edge technology seamlessly into its interior, providing unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Sustainable Manufacturing

As part of Audi's commitment to sustainability, the Q6 e-tron is produced using recycled materials and energy-efficient processes. The production of the Q6 e-tron series at the Ingolstadt plant demonstrates Audi's dedication to sustainability and innovation in every aspect of the vehicle's lifecycle.


The Audi Q6 e-tron quattro and SQ6 e-tron will be available for order starting March 2024, with deliveries expected in the third quarter of 2024. Contact Ebbett Audi for more information and to reserve your Q6 e-tron today.

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