Škoda Future Value

Enjoy the Guaranteed Future Value for your Škoda

Introducing a next-generation assurance

Škoda Future Value benefits are a great way in supporting our customers to drive a new vehicle more often. With fixed payments, you can have certainty on costs as well as protection from changes in used vehicle prices. With Škoda we have options at the end of your finance term to Renew, Retain or Return your vehicle.

When purchasing a new vehicle, you will get competitive repayments as well as the continued opportunity to have the latest models in the Škoda range. If purchasing a used vehicle, the Future Value benefits allow you to upgrade to a new car within your budget and have surety at the end of your term of value.

How it works

1. Choose your Škoda
Start by selecting the car you want! You can use our handy car configurator to build your dream Škoda from the ground up.

2. Choose your terms
Choose your preferred term of 24, 36 or 48 months, along with an annual km allowance and deposit amount, and we’ll calculate the assured future value of your Škoda.

3. Complete your term, then see your Dealer.
Complete your term, then you have the choice to renew, retain or return your Škoda.

Your options at the end of the term

Renew or Trade in:
If you’d like to upgrade to a new Škoda, the equity you’ve built up will contribute towards your new Škoda.

If you want to keep your Škoda, simply let us know. If you've met the relevant payment obligations under your contract, you can purchase your vehicle outright for the Guaranteed Future Value.

If you decide to return the Škoda, then provided you’ve made all your regular payments, the Škoda meets fair wear and tear and is within the agreed kilometre allowance, you won’t need to pay the final payment, just the return fee.

Your benefits

With Škoda Guaranteed Future Value you’ll have a hassle-free finance agreement plus an assurance you can count on the moment you drive away.

  • Peace of mind knowing the minimum future value of your Škoda right from the start
  • A personally tailored finance solution, based on the term and kilometre usage of your vehicle
  • Upgrade your Škoda to the latest model more often, enjoying the best innovations and technologies
  • Competitive repayments
  • Flexibility
  • $0 deposit options are available*

Talk with the Ebbett Škoda team about what is the best finance term for your chosen vehicle.

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