Vehicle Surface Protection & Insurance

Buying a vehicle is a major investment, one of the most significant you'll make. It's essential to safeguard this investment to enhance its future resale value. Ebbett dealership offers an ideal solution for this, with vehicle protection packages from Dura-Seal and GardX. These products are crafted to keep your vehicle in pristine condition for longer, thereby retaining its value and appeal.

Additionally, Ebbett dealerships also provide a wide range of insurance options to suit the varied needs of vehicle ownership. Our offerings include Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, Loan Equity Insurance, Payment Protection Insurance, and Motor Vehicle Insurance, each designed for your peace of mind and a stress-free vehicle ownership experience.

Get in contact with our teams to find out more about comprehensive vehicle protection and insurance services to keep your investment secure.

Vehicle Surface Protection Overview

Paint Protection

Paint Protection provides the most up-to-date paint protection technology for your new vehicle. Forming a durable finish which bonds permanently to your vehicles clear coat.

Fabric Car Seat

Fabric Upholstery Protection

Fabric Protector will penetrate and surround every fibre creating an invisible barrier that protects your fabric or carpets from spills and stains for a lifetime.

Leather Car Seat

Leather Protection

Leather Protection prevents leather from drying to maintain its original feel and stay soft, supple and crack resistant for longer.

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